Interior Mastic Services

When it comes to all Internal Mastic we use highly flexible fast curing silicon rubber sealants which are specifically designed for sealing areas where intermittent contact with food is likely. All the sealants we use for sanitary sealing contains fungicide which are -resistant to mildew and mould growth.

Exterior Mastic Services

When it comes to all External Mastic we use neutral, si-hybrid and low modulus based Sealants which are professionally designed for weather sealing where high movement is expected and high weather resistance is required to withstand frequent change in temperature UV radiation.

Welcome To Mastic Global - The Home Of The Professional Mastic Man
Mastic Global is a highly professional Silicon Sealant and Mastic Pointing Specialist that has 25 solid years experience in the field of contemporary mastic. . Not Only do we pride ourselves in helping Clients complete  projects on time but also on budget and to the highest possible standards.

We carry out Mastic & Sealant Application Service within a 50 mile radius of London, for residential & domestic homeowners, Small companies and Most of the largest companies in Britain at large, including Natural Stone,bathroom & kitchen installers, Porcelain Tile & Vinyl Fool Layers, hotel chains, office refurbishment contractors, leading home builders . Just to name but a few.

Material Quality are of  great Concern  to us at Mastic Global, so we form a close Partnership with the worlds leading sealant manufacturers Such as Dow Corning, Adshead Ratcliffe, Sika & Mapei to bring to our Clients the Highest quality sealants on Today's Market which are highly guaranteed by their manufacturers.We have significant experience in working with both Low and High Modulus Silicon sealants, including Polymer, Poly sulphate, Elastomeric and Si-hybrid based sealants.

We bring to the market not only an efficient mastic  Application but also a contemporary feel of touch to our work and services to bring the beauty out of your new kitchen, bathroom suite or whatever the item may be!
All our Mastic application is done to highly approved standards from our clients where the final finishes are always smooth and sharp for or total peace of mind. You can be assured that we hold in high esteem the priority to make sure that every inch of the total work surface (Substrate) is done with care and  firmness to Achieve complete seal to prevent any future leaks.

A badly applied mastic doesn’t only take away the beauty of any finished project but also come off in no time.  We have offered and given our clients, both on an industrial and domestic level, a competent service and you can bet that we will not compromise on nothing but the best quality of work.

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